Notawisseling tussen de Nederlandse en de IJslandse Regering inzake de afschaffing van paspoortvisa
(authentiek: en)
22nd October, 1949.
Monsieur le Charge d'affaires,
I have the honour to inform you that the Government of Iceland is prepared to conclude with the Government of the Netherlands an agreement concerning the abolition of visas for travel between Iceland and the Netherlands on the following terms:
1. Netherlands citizens proceeding to Iceland for visits up to three months shall not be required to obtain a visa precedent to entry into Iceland, provided they hold valid Netherlands passports.
2. Icelandic citizens proceeding to the Netherlands for visits up to three months shall not be required to obtain a visa precedent to entry into the Netherlands, provided they hold valid Icelandic passports.
3. It is agreed that the abolition of the visa requirement on passports does not exempt Netherlands citizens and Icelandic citizens coming respectively to Iceland and to the Netherlands from the obligation of complying with the Icelandic and Netherlands laws and regulations governing the admission, short sojourn and residence of foreigners and the conditions under which they are permitted to work - either in a dependent or independent capacity.
4. This agreement shall not affect the rights of the competent authorities of the two countries to refuse admission to or expel persons who may be regarded as undesirable, or who cannot satisfy the said authorities that they comply with the laws and regulations referred to under paragraph 3 above.
If the Netherlands Government is prepared to accept the foregoing provisions I have the honour to suggest that the present note and your reply in similar terms should be regarded as placing on record the agreement between the two Governments, which shall take effect on the 1st December, 1949.
Please accept, Monsieur le Charge d'affaires, the assurance of my high consideration.
Monsieur Willem van Tets,
Royal Netherlands Legation,
12 St. James's Terrace,
Clonskeigh, Dublin,
24th November, 1949.
I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of Your Excellency's note of the 22nd October, 1949, reading as follows:
[Red: (zoals in Nr. I)]
In reply, I am happy to inform Your Excellency that the Netherlands Government approve this proposal and likewise agree that Your Excellency's note and my present reply shall be regarded as constituting an Agreement between, our two Governments on the points covered.
Accept, Excellency, the renewed assurance of my highest consideration.
Chargé d'Affaires, a.i.
His Excellency
M. B. Benediktsson,
Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Nr. I
Nr. II
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