Overeenkomst betreffende maïs, sorgho, tarwe van doorsnee-kwaliteit, rijst en pluimvee
(authentiek: en)
Agreement entered into with respect to corn (No. 10.05 B Other of the Common External Tariff), sorghum (ex 10.07 B Other of the Common External Tariff), ordinary wheat (ex 10.01 of the Common External Tariff), rice (No. 10.06 A and B of the Common External Tariff) and poultry (No. 02.02 of the Common External Tariff).
The United States of America, the European Economic Community and its Member States agree as follows:
A. Until the putting into operation of the Common Agricultural Policy for corn, sorghum, ordinary wheat, rice and poultry (application of the levy or levies), the Member States undertake not to modify their national import systems in such a way as to make them more restrictive.
B. Upon adoption of the agricultural policy for corn, sorghum, ordinary wheat, rice and poultry, the Community undertakes to enter into negotiations with the United States on the situation of exports of these products by the United States.
The negotiations provided for under this paragraph will take place on the basis of the negotiating rights which the United States held under the General Agreement for these products as of September 1, 1960.
C. The parties signatory to this agreement in no way limit their rights under GATT or on any other basis.
DONE at Geneva this seventh day of March 1962, in the English and French languages, both authentic.
Agreement with respect to corn, sorghum, ordinary wheat, rice and poultry
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