Overeenkomst tussen de Nederlandse Regering en de Internationale Vluchtelingen Organisatie
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Article 1
The Netherlands Government and the International Refugee Organization, desiring to conclude arrangements for their assistance to aged refugees under the mandate of the International Refugee Organization, and to their dependents, agree as follows concerning the permanent care and financial support of the thirty aged refugees and their ten dependents, who are beneficiaries under the attached annuity insurance policies issued by the Life Assurance Company of the Netherlands Insurance Company.
Article 2
The Netherlands Government:
(a) Approves the adoption of this annuity scheme to provide supplementary assistance, on a life-time basis, to the forty refugees referred to in Article 1.
(b) Agrees to accept these refugees as permanent residents of the Netherlands, that is to say, as aliens who have been granted a permit of residence in the Netherlands for an indefinite period and who are not subject to measures of expulsion, exclusively on the ground of indigency.
(c) Agrees to grant these refugees as far as possible (especially with respect to public relief and assistance and social security) a legal status as envisaged within the framework of the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees as prepared by the United Nations.
(d) Agrees to permit grants of public assistance, as needed by this group, without requiring deductions of the supplementary amounts provided by the annuities under this policy.
(e) Agrees to the principle of direct payment of the annuities to the refugees concerned.
Article 3
The International Refugee Organization:
(a) Agrees to pay the total cost of the premium, or Dutch guilders 110,415 (hundred and ten thousand four hundred fifteen) for lifetime annuities for the refugees concerned.
Done in duplicate at The Hague, June 20, 1950.
For the Netherlands Government:
Minister of Foreign Affairs.
For the International Refugee Organization
(s.) H. M. L. H. SARK.
Netherlands Representative.
Article 1
Article 2
Article 3
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