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Brussels, 21 December 2006
We have the honour to communicate to Your Excellency that the Governments of the Benelux States acting jointly under the Agreement between the Kingdom of Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Kingdom of the Netherlands signed at Brussels on 11 April 1960 concerning the transfer of immigration control to the outer frontiers of Benelux, are prepared to conclude with the Government of Montenegro an Agreement on the abolition of visas for diplomatic and service passports, which reads as follows :
9. This Agreement shall enter into force for one year on the first day of the second month from the date of the last notification confirming that all constitutional and legal requirements for its entry into force have been fulfilled. This Agreement shall be considered as extended for an unlimited period, unless it is denounced 30 days prior to the expiry of this period.
On the expiry of the first period of one year any Signatory Government may denounce this Agreement subject to 30 days’ previous notice to the Belgian Government.
The denunciation by one of the Signatory Governments shall cause this Agreement to terminate.
The Belgian Government shall inform the other Signatory Governments of the receipt of such notifications as referred to in this paragraph, as also of the receipt of the communication referred to in this paragraph.
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