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Rome, Italy
August 1, 1983.
Dear Mr. Ambassador,
In accordance with the Aide Memoire provided to the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands by the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) in conjunction with the conclusion of the Netherlands-MFO Participation Agreement, I would like to take this opportunity to formalize the financial arrangements for letter mail service to and from the Netherlands contingent based in the Sinai.
The MFO will bear the financial responsibility for commercial shipping charges associated with the receipt and dispatch of one letter per week per member of the Netherlands contingent between the Netherlands special postal address and the Netherlands contingent in the Sinai. The Netherlands special postal address is: Netherlands Detachment Sinai, NAPO 30, 3509 VP Utrecht. Domestic postage for the forwarding of mail to the special postal address will not be the responsibility of the MFO. Letters shall be limited in size to 6-1/8 by 11-1/2 inches and in weight to twelve ounces. The cost of such transportation supported by appropriate documentation should be included with the quarterly invoice for your troop allowance payment.
I propose that the arrangements for letter mail service for the Netherlands contingent contained in the paragraph above and your response confirming these arrangements will constitute an agreement between the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the MFO which will enter into force on the date of your response with retroactive effect to 22 April 1982.
(sd.) L. R. HUNT
Leamon R. Hunt
Director General
His Excellency,
Ambassador Paul Willem Jalink,
Embassy of the Netherlands,
Via Michele Mercati, 8
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