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1. Definitions
In this Agreement:
a) “Liaison officer" means: any official seconded to Europol in accordance with Article 5 of the Europol Convention;
b) “Government" means the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands;
c) “Host State authorities" means such State, municipal or other authorities of the Kingdom of the Netherlands as may be appropriate in the context of and in accordance with the laws and customs applicable in the Kingdom of the Netherlands;
d) “Member State" means the Kingdom of Denmark;
e) “Archives of the liaison officer" means all records, correspondence, documents, manuscripts, computer and media data, photographs, films, video and sound recordings belonging to or held by the liaison officer, and any other similar material which in the unanimous opinion of the Member State and the Government forms part of the archives of the liaison officer.
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1. Definitions
2. Privileges and immunities
3. Entry, stay and departure
4. Employment
5. Inviolability of archives
6. Personal Protection
7. Facilities and immunities in respect of communication
8. Notification
9. Settlement of Disputes
10. Territorial scope
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