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No. 1254
Jakarta, January 18, 1979
Subject: Cooperation agreement between the University Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta, Agricultural University Wageningen, State University of Utrecht and Free University Amsterdam.
Your Excellency,
In 1977 the Agricultural University of Wageningen, the State University of Utrecht and the Free University of Amsterdam prepared a proposal for a cooperation agreement with the Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta which was submitted to the Netherlands University Foundation for International Cooperation (NUFFIC).
The Netherlands Minister for Development Cooperation approved the proposed cooperation programme and committed an amount of Dfl. 4 million to finance the first phase (3 years) of the cooperation programme which comprises activities in two fields: basic sciences and integrated rural development.
The objectives of the cooperation programme and the respective contributions of the four universities were laid down in a letter of intent (May 1978) as well as in a General scheme of Activities (May 1978). These constitute in fact the Terms of Reference and the Plan of Operations for the cooperation programme. These documents have been submitted to the Sekretariat Kabinet by letter of this Embassy No. 11814 dated July 31, 1978.
By letter No. 6199/Set/Kab/LN/P/10/1978 dated October 23, 1978 Sekretariat Kabinet informed this Embassy of its approval with the cooperation of the three Dutch Universities and the Gadjah Mada University.
With regard to the implementation of the cooperation programme my Government would like to propose the following. The Netherlands personnel assigned in the framework of the cooperation programme shall enjoy the privileges, immunities and facilities described in Article 4 of the Agreement on Technical Cooperation between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Republic of Indonesia of April 3, 1964.
The provisions of Article 5 of the said Agreement shall be applicable to the importation and exportation of the Netherlands equipment and materials for the programme.
The equipment and materials supplied by the Netherlands will be transferred in ownership to the Indonesian authorities upon completion of the programme.
If the foregoing is acceptable to you, I have the honour to propose that this letter together with your reply, approving the above and returned to this Embassy, would constitute the official exchange of letters formalizing the implementation of the first phase 1979-1981 of the abovementioned programme of cooperation.
Please accept, Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration.
G. N. Westerouen van Meeteren
Chargé d'Affaires a.i. of the Netherlands
His Excellency
Dr. Daoed Joesoef
Minister of Education and Culture
J1. Jenderal Sudirman
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