The Contracting Parties,
Desiring to facilitate the development of international touring,
Having regard to the aims of the Convention on Road Traffic, adopted by the United Nations Conference on Road and Motor Transport held at Geneva from 23 August to 19 September 1949 and opened for signature at Geneva on 19 September 1949,
An objection by a State which has signed but not ratified the Convention shall cease to have effect if, within a period of nine months from the date of making its objection, the objecting State has not ratified the Convention. If, as the result of an objection ceasing to have effect, a reservation is accepted by application of the preceding paragraph, the Secretary-General shall so inform the Contracting Parties referred to in that paragraph. The text of any reservation shall not be circulated to any signatory State under the preceding paragraph if that State has not ratified the Convention within three years following the date of signature on its behalf.
- CHAPTER I. Definitions
+ CHAPTER II. Importation without payment of import duties and import taxes and free of import prohibitions and restrictions
+ CHAPTER III. Issue of temporary importation papers
+ CHAPTER IV. Particulars on temporary importation papers
+ CHAPTER V. Conditions of temporary importation
+ CHAPTER VI. Extension of validity and renewal of temporary importation papers
+ CHAPTER VII. Regularization of temporary importation papers
+ CHAPTER VIII. Miscellaneous Provisions
- CHAPTER IX. Final Provisions
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