The member States of the Council of Europe, signatories to this Convention,
Considering that the aim of the Council of Europe is to achieve a greater unity between its members and to promote co-operation between them;
Considering that, as defined in Article 1 of the Council of Europe Statute, this aim will be pursued in particular by agreements in the administrative field;
Considering that the Council of Europe shall ensure the participation of the territorial communities or authorities of Europe in the achievement of its aim;
Considering the potential importance, for the pursuit of this objective, of co-operation between territorial communities or authorities at frontiers in such fields as regional, urban and rural development, environmental protection, the improvement of public facilities and services and mutual assistance in emergencies;
Having regard to past experience which shows that co-operation between local and regional authorities in Europe makes it easier for them to carry out their tasks effectively and contributes in particular to the improvement and development of frontier regions;
Being resolved to promote such co-operation as far as possible and to contribute in this way to the economic and social progress of frontier regions and to the spirit of fellowship which unites the peoples of Europe;
The Contracting Parties shall forward to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe all relevant information concerning the agreements and arrangements provided for in Article 3.
Any proposal made by one or more Contracting Parties with a view to adding to or extending this Convention or the model agreements and arrangements shall be communicated to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe. The Secretary General shall then submit it to the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe which shall decide on the action to be taken.
European Outline Convention on transfrontier co-operation between territorial communities or authorities
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