The States Parties to this Protocol,
Recalling the terms of the Convention on the Safety of United Nations and Associated Personnel, done at New York on 9 December 1994,
Deeply concerned over the continuing pattern of attacks against United Nations and associated personnel,
Recognizing that United Nations operations conducted for the purposes of delivering humanitarian, political or development assistance in peacebuilding and of delivering emergency humanitarian assistance which entail particular risks for United Nations and associated personnel require the extension of the scope of legal protection under the Convention to such personnel,
Convinced of the need to have in place an effective regime to ensure that the perpetrators of attacks against United Nations and associated personnel engaged in United Nations operations are brought to justice,
Have agreed as follows:
The Parties to this Protocol shall, in addition to those operations as defined in article 1(c) of the Convention, apply the Convention in respect of all other United Nations operations established by a competent organ of the United Nations in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and conducted under United Nations authority and control for the purposes of:
b. Delivering emergency humanitarian assistance.
Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Safety of United Nations and Associated Personnel
Article I. Relationship
Article II. Application of the Convention to United Nations operations
Article III. Duty of a State Party with respect to Article 8 of the Convention
Article IV. Signature
Article V. Consent to be bound
Article VI. Entry into force
Article VII. Denunciation
Article VIII. Authentic texts
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