The Parties to the Convention,
Desiring to promote the safety of ships in general and the safety of fishing vessels in particular,
Bearing in mind the outstanding contribution of the International Conventions for the Safety of Life at Sea and also the International Conventions on Load Lines in promoting the safety of ships,
Recognizing that fishing vessels are exempt from almost all the requirements of those International Conventions,
Desiring therefore to establish in common agreement uniform principles and rules concerning the construction and equipment of fishing vessels directed to the safety of such vessels and their crews,
Considering that this end may best be achieved by the conclusion of a Convention,
Amendments after consideration within the Organization:
(ii) An amendment to the Annex other than to Regulation 1 and 3 to 11 shall be deemed to have been accepted:
(aa) at the end of two years from the date on which it is communicated to the Parties for acceptance; or
(bb) at the end of a different period, which shall not be less than one year, if so determined at the time of its adoption by a two-thirds majority of the Parties present and voting in the expanded Maritime Safety Committee.
However, if within the specified period either more than one-third of the Parties, or Parties the aggregate of whose fleets of fishing vessels constitutes not less than 50 per cent by number of the fleet of fishing vessels of all the Parties of 24 metres in length and over, notify the Secretary-General that they object to the amendment, it shall be deemed not to have been accepted.
Torremolinos International Convention for the safety of fishing vessels, 1977
Article 1. General Obligations under the Convention
Article 2. Definitions
Article 3. Application
Article 4. Certification and Control
Article 5. Force Majeure
Article 6. Communication of Information
Article 7. Casualties to Fishing Vessels
Article 8. Other Treaties and Interpretation
Article 9. Signature, Ratification, Acceptance, Approval and Accession
Article 10. Entry into Force
Article 11. Amendments
Article 12. Denunciation
Article 13. Deposit and Registration
Article 14. Languages
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