The Kingdom of the Netherlands in respect of the Netherlands Antilles and the United States of America (hereinafter, “the Parties");
Desiring to promote an international aviation system based on competition among airlines in the marketplace with minimum government interference and regulation;
Desiring to facilitate the expansion of international air transport opportunities;
Desiring to make it possible for airlines to offer the travelling and shipping public a variety of service options at the lowest prices that are not discriminatory and do not represent abuse of a dominant position, and wishing to encourage individual airlines to develop and implement innovative and competitive prices;
Desiring to ensure the highest degree of safety and security in international air transport and reaffirming their grave concern about acts or threats against the security of aircraft, which jeopardize the safety of persons or property, adversely affect the operation of air transportation, and undermine public confidence in the safety of civil aviation; and
Being Parties to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, opened for signature at Chicago on December 7, 1944;
Have agreed as follows:
The airlines of each Party shall have the right to establish offices in the territory of the other Party for the promotion and sale of air transportation.
The designated airlines of each Party shall be entitled, in accordance with the laws and regulations of the other Party relating to entry, residence, and employment, to bring in and maintain in the territory of the other Party managerial, sales, technical, operational, and other specialist staff required for the provision of air transportation.
Each designated airline shall have the right to perform its own ground-handling in the territory of the other Party (“self-handling") or, at its option, select among competing agents for such services in whole or in part. The rights shall be subject only to physical constraints resulting from considerations of airport safety. Where such considerations preclude self-handling, ground services shall be available on an equal basis to all airlines; charges shall be based on the costs of services provided; and such services shall be comparable to the kind and quality of services as if self-handling were possible.
Any airline of each Party may engage in the sale of air transportation in the territory of the other Party directly and, at the airline's discretion, through its agents, except as may be specifically provided by the charter regulations of the country in which the charter originates that relate to the protection of passenger funds, and passenger cancellation and refund rights. Each airline shall have the right to sell such transportation, and any person shall be free to purchase such transportation, in the currency of that territory or in freely convertible currencies.
Each airline shall have the right to convert and remit to its country, on demand, local revenues in excess of sums locally disbursed. Conversion and remittance shall be permitted promptly without restrictions or taxation in respect thereof at the rate of exchange applicable to current transactions and remittance on the date the carrier makes the initial application for remittance.
The airlines of each Party shall be permitted to pay for local expenses, including purchases of fuel, in the territory of the other Party in local currency. At their discretion, the airlines of each Party may pay for such expenses in the territory of the other Party in freely convertible currencies according to local currency regulation.
In operating or holding out the authorized services on the agreed routes, any designated airline of one Party may enter into cooperative marketing arrangements such as blocked-space, code-sharing or leasing arrangements, with
a) an airline or airlines of either Party; and
b) an airline or airlines of a third country, provided that such third country authorizes or allows comparable arrangements between the airlines of the other Party and other airlines on services to, from and via such third country;
provided that all airlines in such arrangements (i) hold the appropriate authority and (ii) meet the requirements normally applied to such arrangements.
Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, airlines and indirect providers of cargo transportation of both Parties shall be permitted, without restriction, to employ in connection with international air transportation any surface transportation for cargo to or from any points in the territories of the Parties or in third countries, including transport to and from all airports with customs facilities, and including, where applicable, the right to transport cargo in bond under applicable laws and regulations. Such cargo, whether moving by surface or by air, shall have access to airport customs processing and facilities. Airlines may elect to perform their own surface transportation or to provide it through arrangements with other surface carriers, including surface transportation operated by other airlines and indirect providers of cargo air transportation. Such intermodal cargo services may be offered at a single, through price for the air and surface transportation combined, provided that shippers are not misled as to the facts concerning such transportation.
Air transport agreement between the Kingdom of the Netherlands in respect of the Netherlands Antilles and the United States of America relating to air transport between the Netherlands Antilles and the United States of America
Article 1. Definitions
Article 2. Grant of Rights
Article 3. Designation and Authorization
Article 4. Revocation of Authorization
Article 5. Application of Laws
Article 6. Safety
Article 7. Aviation Security
Article 8. Commercial Opportunities
Article 9. Customs Duties and Charges
Article 10. User Charges
Article 11. Fair Competition
Article 12. Pricing
Article 13. Consultations
Article l4. Settlement of Disputes
Article 15. Termination
Article 16. Registration with ICAO
Article 17. Entry into Force
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