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The Hague, 22 November 2005
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands presents its compliments to Eurojust and, with reference to the Interim Agreement between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the College of Eurojust of 13 and 20 December 2002 and to the Cabinet Decision of 22 April 2005 on the Policy Framework on Attracting and Hosting International Organisations, has the honour to propose the following in respect of the privileges and immunities of the staff of Eurojust:
Administrative and technical staff of the Organisation, together with members of their family forming part of their household, shall enjoy the same privileges and immunities as the host State accords to administrative and technical staff of the diplomatic missions established in the host State in accordance with the Vienna Convention, provided that immunity from criminal jurisdiction and personal inviolability shall not extend to acts performed outside the course of their official duties.
Nr. I
1. Use of terms
2. Privileges and immunities
3. Determination of categories
4. Scope of the Agreement
Nr. II
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