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June 19, 1953.
With reference to your note of September 5, 1952, and in accordance with subsequent conversations between officials of your Department and this Embassy, I have the honor to inform you that it is my understanding that the following has been agreed upon by our two Governments:
The Governments of the United States of America and of the Kingdom of the Netherlands agree that neither Government will assert on behalf of any air carrier enterprise of its nationality, which engages in air transport operations into or through the territory of the other, the defense of sovereign immunity from suit in any action or proceeding entered into against such air carrier enterprise in any court or other tribunal of the other Government (or in the latter's territories or possessions) based upon any claim arising out of the air carrier's operations to and from the territory of the United States or the Netherlands, as the case may be, and further agree that neither Government will authorize any such air carrier to assert any such defense in its own behalf.
Please accept, Sir, the renewed assurances of my highest consideration.
(sd.) J. H. van ROIJEN.
The Honorable
The Secretary of State,
Washington D.C.
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